Abundant Care is a family-owned and operated assisted living residential care facility for the elderly. Our emphasis is on providing the finest level of care through a personalized, professional and compassionate approach.

Abundant Care has four distinguished and fully operational homes in Santa Barbara. We pride ourselves in serving the community and providing an unparalleled home-like environment for your family and loved ones.

Owners Timothy Pryko and Daniel Bond share a vision of making the best even better, with a clear purpose and unwavering principle to the notion of treating others as you would like to be treated. Since the establishment of Abundant Care in 1999, Timothy and Daniel have been personally involved in every detail of each home, including the construction, landscaping and interior design, to achieve the best imaginable environment within each care facility.

Each home accommodates an intimate number of 6 residents, to ensure exceptional and personal attention to details. Their sense of security, quality of living and happiness is a result of proactively engaging families and medical professionals to tailor individualized care plans for each resident. From homemade delicious meals to friendly conversation and pristine medical care, we undoubtedly set our priority on the well-being of each person living in our homes.

Abundant Care’s team of knowledgeable, service-orientedand hospitable staff continue to create a family dynamic in the homes. Our residents experience a loving, welcoming atmosphere where they are respected and valued. Abundant Care is more than a place to live; we are a home away from home. We welcome you to visit us at the Abundant Care homes.